Hours of Organizing

Ideal Client Need

Shopping Service

Storage Bin Labeling Service

Donation & Discard

Hazardous & Electronic Waste

Post Project Support

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Whole home projects of 4+ spaces over 3,000 sq.ft. who want the Container Store aesthetic with beautiful customized containers

Full "FOR YOU" shopping service: ordering, pickups, returns, dealing with customer service

Custom vinyl labeled products

Full-service donation and standard discard

Additional charge for tires and other large items

2 weeks of email support





Getting storage spaces into shape such as basement, garage, closets, storage unit, filing cabinets, papers, etc.

Basic shopping service: ordering and pickups

Signature handwritten chalkboard labels

Vinyl labels available for an additional cost

Full-service donation and standard discard

Additional cost

1 week of email support

restorE order



Getting a few key living spaces into shape such as pantry, playroom, bedroom, craft room, guest room or home office

Product recommendations given during session time

Shopping service available for additional $50/hr

Signature handwritten chalkboard labels

1 carload of donations taken at the end of each day

quick start 



Decluttering 1-2 related spaces such as pantry & laundry room or master closet

Product recommendations given during session time

Shopping service not provided

Basic label tape provided

1 carload of donations taken at the end of each day

*Travel 15+ miles from zip code 75094 will incur a $50 travel fee per session.

“Jen did an amazing job organizing our garage. She organized everything into bins for us to go through, we made decisions on what we keep or donate, and in 5 hours the garage was spotless, everything put into bins so that it had a place. I am very pleased with her help and will definitely use her again. Thank you for your organizing expertise and hard work, Jen!”

– Chelsea C.


In-home consultation

In-home Assessment

$300 for a 2 hour walk-through & in-depth needs assessment, coaching on trouble spots, and customized ideas and plans$100 for a 30-minute walk-through to determine size and scope of project; applied to project if booked within 7 days
Great fit for those who have multiple spaces in a home to be organized and want a planGreat for those who realize there is a problem, but are still not quite ready to move forward

“Jen was helpful in answering my questions about what I could do to sort through my many years of accumulation. I developed a plan using some processes she uses in her own home. I will hire Jen again either to clear out a closet(s) or as a consultant for more ideas for my specific problems.”

-Lorry W.