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In-home organizing sessions are available in and around Murphy, Texas and the North Dallas area, and virtual organizing sessions are available nationwide.

Here's What Organizing with Jen Looks Like!

"Wow Jen has so much energy. When she came to my house she never stopped working. There is logic in her organization system. She helped me with my kitchen and master closet. Definitely will use her service again."

-Laura Z., Carrollton, TX

"I had held on to way too much for way too long! Being asked and having to answer for it made the difference in doing it myself or having help! Jen was super positive and encouraging AND kept me focused!!"

-Amber T., Murphy, TX

"Jen was amazing! I was hesitant to hire an organizer because I thought it was a job I could do myself and I was also feeling embarrassed about my messy room.  But I'm so glad I did it! Jen asked so many questions that really got me thinking about my space in a new way. She was also WAY more thorough that I ever would have been.  She checked expiration dates, she pulled everything out, cleaned the shelves, and reorganized so the things I use most frequently were most accessible. She was very professional and I never felt like she was judging me for my mess.  And, the most amazing thing is that it's been a few months and my stuff is still organized! I've never managed to maintain any organization I've done, but her way just works. I'd highly recommend her.

-Kelly C., Vista CA