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Professional Organizing Services serving Murphy, Wylie, Allen, Fairview, and McKinney, Texas.


Are you Feeling...

Overwhelmed trying to balance your hectic work life AND home life?

Frazzled by the amount of clutter in your home?

Defeated because you don't have the time to do anything about it?

Life is full and busy. It's not easy trying to squeeze in time to organize your home or office. Times moves on, life happens and your piles keep growing, your office is covered up, the playroom is a wreck, and your closets are bursting at the seams.

Life can be complicated, your home shouldn't be. We bring function and beauty back to your spaces.

Outsource the work so you can enjoy the results of an organized home and an organized life. No more defeat or overwhelm, just:

  • Time to pursue your personal goals
  • More time spent with your family
  • Your home serves you instead of you serving it
  • Know what you own, and find it right away!
Jen Whetten Organizing with Jen

Hello there! I'm Jen.

I founded Organizing with Jen in 2017 when my youngest started school and now lead an amazing team of compassionate, judgement free and hard working professional organizers. Growing up I was the girl who begged to clean out the paper cabinet or under the bathroom sink and that hasn't changed! When I'm not organizing I love curling up with a good book, taking my 3 boys hiking and cheering for our favorite team, the Cowboys!

I'm passionate about helping others to achieve organization in their lives and dedicated to helping you achieve it so that you can live the life you are craving. Please get in touch for a discovery call!

Jen Whetten

Organizing Plans for Busy Women


Overwhelmed by the amount of stuff staring you in the face? We help you take back control so that your home serves you, not the other way around.

Home Organizing

Tired of wasting time searching for things? Experience a beautiful organized space designed specifically for you and your busy household.

Move In--Unpacking

Moving is a stressful time. Add peace of mind and enjoy your new home from the start with this exclusive service.

"Jen and her staff are fantastic! They were a pleasure to work with and have in my home. They are very self sufficient and are able to make a lot of great decisions without too much direction. They helped me pack my kitchen, washroom, bathrooms and odds and ends that still needed to be moved. Once moved in they unpacked and organized my kitchen, pantry, washroom and master bathroom. I will definitely work with them again on my future organizing needs. Highly recommend!" 

--Nikki A., Frisco, TX

Ready to Get Organized?

Let's do this! The next step is to book some time to meet and let our team do what we do best. You will receive a free consultation to assess your needs and help you get started. Say goodbye to your second full time job at home, and say hello to more friend get togethers and more quality time with your kids!