Creating space for what matters most.


Has the pandemic meant more disorder and more pinterest day dreaming for you?

You know beautiful organization could be just what you need to restore calm control back to your home.

Organizing with Jen specializes in both done-for-you (in home) and virtual (custom DIY plans) judgement free organizing experiences.

I look forward to meeting you and creating space for what matters most.

Jen Whetten

"I have had the pleasure of having Jen do two large projects for me. Both times I have been so extremely grateful for her attention to detail and foresight. I will absolutely use her services again and again! She accomplished more in a day than I could have in a week!" -Liz L.



Is it always MOM vs. kids? We design, implement and teach easy organizational systems.


Where has your time gone?  Organizing IS time sucking, you're NOT lazy or crazy.  Take back your time.


Get your nights and weekends back.  Be free to play, enjoy hobbies, or binge Netflix again - guilt free!

Hello there! I'm Jen.

Between my husband, three boys and running my business, like you, I have a lot to keep up with and being organized keeps us sane and free to thrive.

Have you ever...

  • fought with someone over clutter?
  • wished you had a spot to park your car IN your garage?
  • wanted to cry because your husband or child asked YOU where something they use everyday is for the 50th time?

Are you ready for a change but nervous about someone coming into your home?

We get it.  The answer?


They're simple.  They're tailor made to you, your space, your style and your timing.

And our per room pricing make them an unbeatable deal!


Next Steps...

It's time to meet and let our team do what we do best.  Say good bye to clutter, embarrassment, and frustration and say hello to guilt free nights and weekends.