Creating space for what matters most.

Family. Time. Freedom.

Organizing with Jen is a full-service organizing company located near Dallas, Texas. We specialize in both in-home organizing and moving services. Our goal is to help you clear the clutter and create systems to simplify your life to bring you greater peace and comfort.

To us, organization means freedom. Freedom from stress, from debt, from chronic busyness. Here's what that freedom can look like:

  • More time spent with your family
  • Time to pursue your personal goals
  • Your home serves you instead of you serving it
  • Save money not buying duplicate purchases
  • Know what you own, and find it right away!
  • An Organizing Plan for Everyone

    In Home Organizing

    Organization can be taught! We design, implement and teach easy organizational systems for everyone.

    Moving Services

    Whether you need decluttering, packing or unpacking services, we are here to lighten your load.

    Paper Organizing

    We can help you deal with those pesky paper piles and teach you a way to stay on top of your to do list.

    Jen Whetten Organizing with Jen

    Hello there! I'm Jen.

    Between my husband, three boys and running my business, like you I have a lot to keep up with! Being organized keeps us sane and free to thrive. I'm passionate about helping others to achieve organization in their lives and dedicated to helping you achieve it so that you can live the life you are craving. Please get in touch for a free consultation!

    Jen Whetten

    "I have had the pleasure of having Jen do two large projects for me. Both times I have been so extremely grateful for her attention to detail and foresight. I will absolutely use her services again and again! She accomplished more in a day than I could have in a week!" -Liz L., Murphy, TX

    Ready to Get Organized?

    Let's do this! The next step is to book some time to meet and let our team do what we do best. We provide a free consultation to assess your needs and help you get started. Say goodbye to clutter, embarrassment, and frustration and say hello to guilt-free nights and weekends.