February Goals

  1. Finsh my son’s photo book- DONE!
  2. Read 5 books- DONE! You can see what I’m reading here.
  3. Write a letter to my grandpa- even though this one was the easiest I didn’t do it. I’ll try again..
  4. Start learning CMS business software- DONE
  5. Pay off the Honda!- DONE!! This means we are DEBT FREE! Wahoo!

March Goals:

  1. Create a business checking account or get a business use credit card
  2. Design a garden for our backyard
  3. Write one letter
  4. Read 5 books

For reference, here is my master list for the year.

  1. Create a living trust for my husband and I
  2. Create a business checking account or get a business use credit card
  3. Max out our Roth IRA- on track
  4. Pay off our Honda- DONE!!
  5. Create more “circles”, whimsical items and patterns into my home, as discussed in Ingrid Lee’s book, Joyful. I’m also intrigued by her blog Aesthetics of Joy
  6. Take a self defense course
  7. Learn how to fully use and integrate my CMS business software-on track
  8. Do a month long Facebook fast, excluding business (I’m doing this right now and I’m loving the results so far!)- Done
  9. Save x amount/month for a family vacation in July- on track
  10. Attend the temple once a month
  11. Start ballroom dancing again
  12. Design a garden for our backyard
  13. Buy curtains for my living room-Done
  14. Make a recipe from The Great British Bake Off
  15. Read 60 books (4 more than last year)- ahead of schedule
  16. Make a 2017-2018 Family Photo Book
  17. Get passports for the kids-Done
  18. Make a photo book for my oldest son- DONE
  19. Write and mail at least 5 “old-fashioned” letters

What are you doing in March to set yourself up for success?

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