Hello there! I’m Jen.

I have been married to my sweetheart Jon for the past fifteen years and we have three active, mess-making boys who love to keep us on our toes! Between a husband, three boys and running my business, like you, I have a lot to keep up with and being organized keeps us sane and free to thrive.

I’ve been drawn to helping people be their best selves and had a passion for organizing for a very long time.  Even as a kid I would beg my parents to let me organize under the bathroom sink as my Saturday chore! For years friends and family would come to me saying,

“I wish I could be organized, but I just can’t.”

So, Organizing with Jen was born and I’ve never looked back.

Have you ever…

  • fought with someone over clutter?

  • wished you had a spot to park your car IN your garage?

  • wanted to cry because your husband or child asked YOU where something they use everyday is for the 50th time?

Are you ready for a change?

At Organizing with Jen we specialize in freedom. Live life the way you want–focusing on what matters most to you! We dive into who you and your family are, what works and doesn’t for your life to flow and create an action plan that frees each of your spaces of chaos.  Whether you want to have more time and energy with your loved ones or are overwhelmed and confined by clutter, you are not alone.

You signed up for wife and mother, not constant mess organizer and human-personal-belonging-GPS.  It’s time to feel free again.  Free to sit and do something for yourself while your kids are at school.  Free to cozy up to your spouse in bed and binge on the latest episode of your favorite show.  Free from negative emotions such as shame, anxiety and embarrassment at the thought of people coming over.

Our team will untangle the mess and set you up to maintain a life of freedom, peace, and order that you and your family will love.  It’s time to get back to focusing on what matters most to you.

Let’s get started!