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Surrounded by piles? Defeated by your organizing "to do" list?

We work with clients to bring calm and control back to your home.

Organizing with Jen specializes in a done-for-you, judgement free organizing experience.

I look forward to meeting you and creating space for what matters most.

Jen Whetten

"I have had the pleasure of having Jen do two large projects for me. Both times I have been so extremely grateful for her attention to detail and foresight. I will absolutely use her services again and again! She accomplished more in a day than I could have in a week!" -Liz L.


Busy Moms

You're busy organizing their lives.  Let us show you the path to more order and peace without the hassle. We'll organize.

Working Couples

You barely see each other as it is.  Don't waste your time stressing about where things are and where things go.

Homes with Kids

We have kids.  You don't even need to explain.  We'll take care of it so you don't have to.

Bring in the New Year right!

You have good intentions with New Years resolutions but give yourself a break.  Organizing is for other women with way more time on their hands.  They probably have no problem finding "joy" everywhere they look and can't wait to dive into that pile in the garage and definitely don't have boxes left unpacked from a move 3 years ago.  And kids?!  There's no way organized people have kids.  Right?


You are that woman!  You've just been missing THE TOOL crucial to living the organized life you've been chasing (or pinning).

Here at Organizing with Jen we pride ourselves in lifting the burden off your shoulders with our passion for tidy, aesthetically pleasing spaces.

After finally moving "home" to Texas from San Diego, CA, I am loving expanding my business in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  We are ready to do this for you.  Are you ready to let go?


Next Steps...

It's time to meet and let our team do what we do best.  Say good bye to clutter, embarrassment, and frustration and say hello to guilt free nights and weekends.

"I made a great decision and hired Jen to help with a massive project to downsize and reorganize my house. I can say I wish I had known Jen sooner! She is amazing! Not only is her price fair, she whirled through 3 rooms that look amazing, make sense and helped my emotional overload calm down! If you need anyone for organizing I highly recommend Jen! Thank you Jen! I’m looking forward to more help! You truly have taken a load off my mind(and house! Lol) !!!" -Jeanne W.

"I moved and was overwhelmed by the amount of unopened boxes and random items I hid away in a closet [for 9 months]. I didn't know how or where to begin the organizing process.  It was too overwhelming. Jen was calm and encouraging. I loved her positive attitude. It felt incredible to FINALLY get rid of things I was holding on to for years.  It felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I love opening my closet now. I love how I can see everything in the closet. I know which things I have and don't have. I would recommend Jenn's services to anyone!"

-Kiara T.

"My first few sessions with Jen I felt like the TV show "Hoarders buried Alive" as I have been holding on to things i should have gotten rid of for years. She helped me to simplify my life, organize it, and build processes that were effective based on how I operate in my daily life. I have used Jen over a dozen times and look forward to having her help us move into our new home!!" -Prime H.